Saturday, May 3, 2014

Gifts from good Friends

I am away for a workshop. I have not taken many photos yet. But I may try to get some Sunday so I can show them. In the meantime I have this to show you.
I have two good friends that are Canadian snow birds for the winter and they travel south. This year I asked them to buy me some bright fabrics or any thing with dots for me.  Wow I got these great treasures. On the far Right is a wooden printing stamp. Love it. Then the purple Australian fabric in the middle. They got me 2 yds, not sure how I will use it but I love it. The then the dots that are gold and white and all kinds of stuff. The red has little horse shoes and will be perfect to put with my horse fabric collections for that some day quilt. 

Aren't quilt buddies fun?

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  1. My sis gave me a few fabrics for my bd this year... always a nice gift to get.