Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Hand Stitching

I have been back to my Dear Jane blocks. I got a little hand applique done this week and completed three Purple blocks. 
Top left is B9 - Tinker Toy
Bottom left is E2 - Merry May
Right D3 - Jason's Jacks

I have four other blocks partly done and needing some hand stitching. I will soon have half the purple blocks done. It will look like a good start to a quilt. 

I have added this post to Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday. She was talking about what she watches or listens to well stitching. I have a few different tastes. I will watch Game of Throwns then Mad Men tonight and stitch. I sometimes watch CBC new channel or I listen to very bouncy and loud radio that is kind like dance pop or old hard Rock.   But I also love super quite and no TV or noise on. 

I bought a little spring colour the other day. I had one last year and it lasted for months so thought it was a good deal. Now to just make sure it gets enough water. I do better with low water plants. 


  1. I wish I enjoyed piecing small blocks. Dear Jane's are such beautiful quilts. Don't you just love the color in those hydrangeas. I am hoping the winter freeze isn't going to keep my from blooming this year in the landscape. I look forward to them every summer.

  2. What great progress you are making on your Jane! So very pretty! Love your happy fabric choices.

  3. Yep, I do better with low-water plants too Cathy LOL!!! Your new plant has such lovely color :) You made good progress on your DJ blocks - gorgeous fabrics!!!

  4. Beautiful purple blocks... enjoy your slow stitching!

  5. Anyone doing a Dear Jane has my complete AWE :)

  6. wow. These are gorgeous. I love that you are even attempting Dear Jane...she's a mission...but I am so delighted to see you doing her in KFC. Would you mind if I pin some of your blocks to my private pinterest page? I will, of course, reference you and your blog as the source. No problems if you would prefer I didn't . That is absolutely your right. I will still follow your blog and progress. :-)