Monday, April 14, 2014

Design Wall Monday April 14

I have a really great looking design wall today. I have joined a Kaffe Fasset Block exchange and I am starting to get some of my blocks from the other ladies. I choose a 11 1/2" Log cabin block. The three rows on the left are my blocks that I have built. The three rows on the right are the blocks I have got in the mail so far. I got the bottom right two blocks just today. I will have so much more fun when I really start to move them around. I have not got these laid out in a special order yet. 

I have added this to Judy's Design Wall Monday

Edit: I was asked how to make this block. I have directions on this post -  11 " log cabin block

My puppy needs me. She is now 5 months old. 


  1. I don't know which to comment on first, the absolutely fabulous blocks (major KF fan here) or that very sweet puppy!! :)

  2. Oh... gorgeous! Are the centers of the blocks fussy cut? And how wide are your strips? I am going to HAVE to make one of these for myself. LOVE it!!

  3. Yum! how did I miss signing up for the KF exchange?

  4. Gorgeous log cabin blocks...yum!
    Love the photo of puppy saying "please play with me"?!?

  5. Love your log cabin blocks. What a wonderful use of the Kaffe fabrics