Monday, April 7, 2014

Design Wall Monday - April 7th

Here are 8 more blocks I am making for a block exchange. They would make a nice quilt just like this, but instead I am exchanging them all.  I found a group on Face book that is the KFC Quilters Swap. The first block exchange is closed and we are now making each other blocks using the KFC ( Kaffe Fassett Collection) of fabric. There will be other block exchanges later this year, if you are looking for one. 

I hope the ladies like the blocks I will be sending them. So far there have been some great blocks being shown. I was aiming for Bright on this block. I think I nailed Bright. 

Here is the 12" block all on it's own. The orange yellow fabric is the tropical print. 

This one has a little more blue and the pink tropical fabric. 

I will be making a few more in the coming weeks. 

I have added this to Judy's Design Wall Monday


  1. beautiful! ~Melanie

  2. Beautiful blocks, and of course, stunning fabric.

  3. What fun colour combos! (Thought I might see you at the Red Deer Show...but...had you gone to the dogs? (grin))

  4. Hey Cathy!! These are gorgeous! I know that I can't have all the blocks...but I want them :) I left you a message on FB! I'll be starting another set of blocks soon!

  5. Oh I think your blocks will be a HUGE hit!! Beautiful!! You are right, they would make a very beautiful quilt!

  6. Wow! I would want to keep them, too, and make a quilt with just your blocks. They are beautiful. I LOVE Kaffe fabric, so these are right up my alley!