Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend Scraps

Purple is the colour this month in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014. Perfect for Easter. I finally got started on the purple scraps. On Good Friday, I was able to cut and prepare some scraps for the 6" sampler blocks. Then I was able to sew them into blocks on Saturday morning before we left for family fun. I ran out of time to post photos till today. 

So I have been working with my Kaffe Fasset fabrics for the block exchanges, I have been making some scraps. So I was able to make this block. 

Then I also did a Uncle Homer block for my Dear Jane. Yes I am going to try and work on the Dear Jane again. At the rate I am going I will need to live to be 100 to finish. Maybe I can get going a little faster again. 

Some hand dyed purple scraps. 

I did some string sewing with the purple hand dyed fabrics. 

With my Husband's help I have been repainting and putting a rubber covering on my Agility Teeter Totter. We did the Blue center area on Friday and let it set. 

 Then today we came back and did the yellow contact area. This is the part the dog is to step in to be safe. We need to let the rubber set for a week before we can play on it. 

Gemma is learning to play in the water. This is part of the flooded pasture and very cold still. 

Happy Easter


  1. oh Gemma is gorgeous!! I have a standard poodle, who would have been good at agility if I had been able to run around with him!
    LeeAnna Paylor Not Afraid of Color!

  2. I like your Kaffe Fasset blocks -- and your purple. Hope you had a Happy Easter. :-)