Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dyed with Friends

Last night was the Edmonton Guild meeting and year end dinner. We had a great time and got to see Kathy Wylie speak and her beautiful quilts in person. Check out her web site and you will know which award winning quilter I mean. She is teaching 3 classes here in Edmonton but I did not sign up. We had a great time, thank you Kathy. ( She has just the best first name, just the spelling is funny, doesn't she? ha ha)

Last Thursday my friends in the Surface Design group gathered at my house. We planned to do some fabric dying. First off I went though my old pages of samples and dye recipes and picked out what colours I wanted to dye. I for sure wanted some dark purples, brown, red, and always a few more greens. 

We are very good at having a great potluck lunch. The table is set and we are ready to eat. 

Here are my results. Each fabric is one meter, except a few pieces were just short as I had the fabric cut for something else and thought, just dye it. 

I just love the second one from the right. It is Turquoise with a bit of black. I may have to play with the family of dyes again.  

My reds. 

I forgot to take many photos the day we dyed. I carried my camera in my pocket but forgot it once my gloves were on. 

Greens and a few brown. I may over dye the brown again as I love darker and richer browns. 


  1. Love the dye session results. :-)

  2. Beautiful fabrics! Sounds like a fun time with friends. Those pinks and purples are gorgeous.

  3. You done good, Girl. (Heart) your dyes.

  4. Your fabrics look beautiful, I bet you will have lots of fun using them (once you've finished admiring them of course)