Saturday, June 7, 2014

Scrap Challenge UFO list

I have been working on Rainbow Scrap Challenge for over two year now. I have many projects on the go. I thought it was time to make a good list to include all the projects not yet done. I am at a place were I need to finish some quilt tops. So my list of 16 and what needs to be done yet. 

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014 blocks 

  1. Jack in the box - Top done, needs backing and quilting.
  2. Square 12” with 6” center – get it up on design wall and finish top.
  3. Lanterns – 3 of 12 done – behind on PurpleGreen and Yellow
  4. Spools 3 ½” size – design wall and put together 
  5. Hexagon flowers ¾” size – What to do next?
  6. Kitchen Sink – More blocks needed. Large spools, flowers, hearts, X’s, O’s, clover.
  7. Sampler blocks 6” make 9 per colour, to go with 16 patches (which are done). Behind on 2 purple9 Green and 9 Yellow.
  8. Around About – Rows around the colours, next up Yellow
  9. Sprouts – Still need 5 Red blocks. Then What? 
  10. Coin strips – I think I have all the colours? What next? Add to another project?
  11. Flying geese units – what to put them with? Some colours missing
  12. Nine Patches 3 ½” size – behind need purpleGreen and yellow
  13. Triangles – Missing some colours – GreenYellow, other colours to come this year.
  14. Tulips and Apples – make more, need many bottoms for tulips in Green. Yellow tops
  15. Wonky Log cabin blocks. Not sure what I need in a box. 
  16. 6" crumb blocks - not sure what to do next, make more or add to something. 
3" spool block and hexagon flowers on the left

Wonky log cabin blocks

Jack in the box Top

Some pink from this year

Blue 6" crumb blocks

So I have a few blocks I need to do in Yellow this month and a few things to do to finish up Purple and Green. I guess I need to go sew. 

I have not started the yellow yet but others have over a Soscrappy, check it out. 


  1. Good summary. Lots of cool blocks and quilt ideas. May have to steal some for next year.

  2. love all the blocks. The quilts made from them will be gorgeous xx

  3. So many projects! Glad you have a plan. Seeing them start to get finished is going to be fun.

  4. That list should keep you busy for a while. The pinwheels in Jack in the Box look like 3D prairie points, they really pop.

  5. Isn't blogging fun! So interesting to see your list. Love the blue crumb blocks. I vote you finish that one first. Lol.

  6. OH my goodness that is a lot of projects to keep track of! Great eye candy photos!

  7. I have three scrappy colour challenge projects on the go right now. I've been contemplating starting another, since the ones I have going at the moment won't work with this month's colour. But then I talked myself out of it, thinking that three was too many, let alone four. After looking at all of yours, all of a sudden four sounds reasonable. LOL! Your projects are all gorgeous!

  8. Busy times ahead keeping all those projects on the go and finishing up! Great shots of your work to date.

  9. Last year, by February, I found myself with a list of other people's scrappy projects that I wanted to make... Another year! This year, I think I have 3 active every month with two waiting in the wings. I have told myself firmly that I can't start any more (this year).

  10. What an amazing assembly! And I love your Jack in the box top.