Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Major Maintance

A few weeks ago I decided to order some new replacement parts for my Gammill long arm machine. I was having to fix and repair the timing way to often. Well the parts came and 13 days ago I started to take my machine apart. I was replacing my Hook assembly of my machine. I was very nervous about doing this. Was I going to get the new one in and the machine working well again? Well when I took out the old Hook assembly I could see one of the set screws was not like the others. It was the right time to replace the parts.  

I had my dad come over. He knows less about the sewing machine then me but I needed some moral support and an extra hand to hold a screw in place. I really did need one more hand. Hold a screw up and in place and hold the little piece in place all at the same time. So he was great help. 

I got it working. I first did some quilting on my practice sandwich. I did some more little adjustments so the machine did not sound quiet so noisy.  Lots of oil too. 

I was still a little nerve about getting going on a customers quilt. So I did a little quilt of mine first. I will show it after I finish the binding. Wow I did it. I am feeling like a Super Hero. I also replaced the spring assembly too. I finished my little quilt and can now work on customers quilts knowing and feeling I got it done. This was the first time in 15 years of custom quilting that I had replaced some of these main parts. So I am busy machine quilting again. 

Except I got a little bit of the flu on the weekend. Today I am back to feeling better. 


  1. Good for you for tackling your machine. I am so nervous about my long arm and making any adjustments. I did put my big girl panties on and I sanded a burr from the hook all by myself. I was so proud of me!!

  2. Good for you Cathy! I really like being able to do my own maintenance on these machines

  3. Great job! I am a little afraid of my 301 so it does not get used. I think I need to pull up my big girl undies and figure out how to fix the tension. You are an inspiration. Hope you are feeling better.