Friday, December 26, 2014

Small Gifts

Many family members have received Ear Bud Cases  from me this year. I had a good time making them. I would pick out a fabric I thought was good for the person and make them all a case.  My boys got the dark colours ones with the bleach resist fabric, then spider man for Jason.

I did one case with the tab on the wrong end, so it got 2 tabs and not just the one the pattern had. Well I liked how much easier it was to close it so, Many for the men got 2 tabs. I did a saddle one from my husband, horses for my dad. Then paw prints and dog bones for my brother and his son. They got a puppy this past year. 

For my friends in the Surface design group I made them each one out of hand done fabric. The green and purple one is soy wax batik and hand dyed. The pink one is marbled with paint. 

Here is all the parts and pieces laid out for the case, just before I start to sew. I think I missed getting a photo of a few cases. I do not see the one for my mom or sister in-law. 

Gemma has been playing with my sheep. They are all too much fun to frolic with. So I have the sheep in the barn behind the manger and guarded by the wise men and shepherds.  The sheep have some real wool on them so the smell like fun to the dogs. 


  1. Love those little ear bud cases. I made a few this summer, and my kids use them all the time. The little rings make them perfect for hanging on backpacks. Hope your family enjoys them.

  2. Love the ear bud cases... how cute... but they look like lots of work, all those parts. How polite of your dog not to chew up your sheep, for that matter the rest of the figures. Some dogs just gotta chew.
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  3. Love your cases. I think I need to try a few in the new year.

  4. Those cute little ear bud cases could also double as Christmas tree ornaments!

  5. Love your ear bud cases. So cute : )
    Gemma is intent on finding those hiding sheep.