Thursday, December 4, 2014


So almost 2 weeks ago my Surface Design group got together for some stamping play. I remembered to take my camera. Here is the blue scarf all printed out with my iron rod stamp. I had craved it out just a few days before we got together. 

I guess I called it iron rod because it was inspired but some iron rod fences designs from France in the 1600's. Below is the enlarged photo of some of the iron rod. 

The whole scarf, done and ready to wrap up for Christmas. Yes this one is a gift. 

Then after our great lunch I worked on the lime green one. I plan to save this one for myself. I used a stamp I made a few years ago. It was a cod fish. I do not have a photo of the stamp. I should do that. 

Dianne with her leaf stamped scarf. She has left her scarf natural cotton. 

Yvonne is doing some more craving. 
I forgot to get a photo of Dawna. 

We had a great day. 

Edit: We ordered scarves from Maiwa. There are 100% cotton, so I was able to dye mine a few days before I did the stamping. I used Pebeo Opaque fabric paints on my stamps. 

Gemma your in my chair. 


  1. What fun! Those are great scarves... what fiber are your scarves? Locally I can get some wonderfully soft (plain) scarves for $7 each. They are made with the inner fiber from llama, I think. I want to paint them.

  2. You are so versatile.. I've loved your quilting, and now this, too! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Such lovely scarves!!! Looks like fun :)