Friday, July 3, 2015

New Camera

So I have been missing from Blog land. I now have a new camera, the old one was not opening all the time. I guess it was dropped too many times. Now that I am back I was unsure what to post. So much has gone on in my sewing room. 

Pizza Box Exchange at the Black Gold Quilt Patch 
 I am on the program committee for the guild. I was so happy with my last exchange, that I was happy to help with the Pizza Box one again. My box has the Dresden plate block and lots of dotty fabric.  I have asked the ladies to make me sampler blocks with the dotty fabrics. All blocks should be 12 1/2". 

Here is my block with all the fabric they can use. Yes I have lots of dots.

The first box I got had green and purple fabric in it. I added the purple fabric that is kind of dotty.  I made this 54-40 or Fight block. I passed this block and box on to the next person at the June meeting. Now I have a box were she wants stars. It should not be a problem for me. I just need to pick out a pattern. 

Doggy updates: Gemma and I did our first agility trial. She did OK for a baby dog and for being so new to the game. Here is a link for her very first real agility run.  We both had so much fun. 


  1. Welcome back my friend. Have a great summer with that beautiful Gemma.

  2. Cathy, Love the dotty fabrics- it will make a fun quilt. So how many blocks do you trade? Do you put fabrics in the pizza box or does the maker have to find dotty fabrics and make a block to add to your pizza box? Each person chooses what kind of blocks she/ he wants and the size of the block? I have never done an exchange like this- just curious.. Nice post and always nice to hear about what you are doing either on your blog or on facebook.. Happy quilting!

  3. What a lot of adorable dots. The pizza box exchange sounds like so much fun. It will be such a surprise to see what comes back at the end.