Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Felting 3D Shapes Class

Last week I went to fiber school. I took a class with Tracy Kuffner of the Wool Mine. We did 3D shapes with wet felting (no needles). The first day we did a little 4 sided pod in white wool. I was pleased with it. We were to keep the shape with the sides and the edges. Take note of the circle piece in the back, it is Tracy's sample. 

Then we could start to lay out our 2nd shape. This is just the beginning of my 6 sided pod. I need to get a better photo of this in the early finished stages. I have more work to do on it. 

This is Shelia's larger 6 sided pod. I love the colours and the little holes on it.  

I was a bit of a rebel and work on mittens in between things. I will have to get another finished photo of these. They are not done in this photo. Close but not done yet. 

There is my 6 sided one. Note the piece in the background, Tracy's lamp. On day 3, I did another shape kind of like Tracy's lamp (smaller). I did not get a photo yet. 

I want to do so much more felting. I love the mittens. I might have to make more. Thursdays I get to play with wool and friends again.  

On Tuesday Gemma and I got to do a evening agility trial. We passed our first run. It was a Starters Gamblers run. So happy with my little girl. We are having so much fun playing Agility. 

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  1. That looks like fun. So many different project ideas. Congrats on your agility trial.