Sunday, November 22, 2015

Summer is Long Gone

It has been a few months since summer flowers looked this good. I look back at the photos of my flowers and it is hard to believe they are real. I have done so many things in the last few months. Lets see if I can get caught up a little. 

I finished these socks. I got the yarn from Twisted Sister Mill just down the road from me. I did the dying to get the great colour. Each sock was a ball and I left it in a ball to dye. First dying it 3/4 blue then flipping it and dying it 3/4 Magenta. So lots of purple resulted and the center of the ball is lighter coloured. 

These 2 pairs each got 2 new toes. I always wear out the bottom ball part of the foot so I like to fix it by knitting new toes on. 

All in the sunshine.

Wearing my new socks. I might be ready for winter. So far we have only had a little dash of snow and then it was gone. We maybe getting some white crap this week. 

Fabric all picked out ready for the next new quilting project. 
Can you guess what it is? 
Hint what time of year is it? 

answer - Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt time. 
Black Friday she releases the first clue and we all start her mystery quilt called Allietare. 
My aunt was on the trip to Italy with her this year.