Thursday, November 26, 2015

Jacket and Bag

Last fall I started this jacket. I have been getting some good use out of my jacket this fall. We now have snow and it is not really warm enough for snow. I looked back and I had not posted a finished photo of my jacket. I have had lots of great comments. One lady want me to make one for her. I told her she could not pay me enough. I am not sure she liked my answer. 

I got this cute bag done this month. I love the west coast fish batik fabric and I am very pleased with how it shows off the fish well. I got this fabric on a holiday to Victoria BC. The quilt shop had fabric with Eyes on sale. So I picked the fish out. The Pink batik was so nice, that I went back to the local shop and got what was left on the bolt 1.8M. Glad I have more to play with, it goes with so many fabric, just enough purple or blue in it. 

I kind of followed this FREE Pattern on Craftsy, it is called Sew South Tote Bag . But I did it without all the interfacing and I quilted the outer fabric and used batting in the handles. The bag measures around 18 by 20 or so. Great for taking a quilt project with me or some shopping.  

I have added this too Crazy Mom Quilts Finish up Friday

Soon, so soon, We will be able to see the first step of Bonnie Hunter's new Mystery Quilt. I am ready to start it. That great Pink is in the stack. 


  1. Most "muggles" (i.e. those who do not knit/quilt/sew) have NO CLUE about the work/cost/time that goes into hand-made items. These are the people who wonder why you make (and wear) hand-knit socks when you can by 6 for $X.99 at Wal-Mart. These are the ones who don't realize a quilt can cost them $300 - X thousand, depending on the size, pattern and cost of materials. They think because they can buy one in shop for $150 -- from a company that exploits workers in China -- that anything more than that is too much. They are to be pitied, but not pandered to. (I charge $25 + materials for socks and never make up the cost of the 16 hours or so it takes me to knit a basic pair.) Don't get me started!!

  2. lol, I like your answer to the commission request ! I was in Edmonton for that recent snowfall - ack - hate winter driving ! thanks for the free pattern link and your jacket looks great - nothing like wearing your passion on your sleeve ;)

  3. Lovely jacket and bag, you have done a wonderful job. Makes you wonder why someone would ask you to so sewing for them? Why would you want to? They usually have no idea about the time and cost involved!