Saturday, June 25, 2016


I got my Owls done. They were a lot of work but so worth it. I put some of my sewing a side to work on quilts for Fort Mac. So those quilts are almost done I can work on my patchwork again. I have the all the bunnies cut out and ready to start sewing them. 

Look at how many piecing are in the owls. many tiny triangles. 

Here is one of the Fort Mac quilts just coming off the quilt frame. It is now at my mom's as she is doing the binding. I have a teacher from Fort Mac that will be getting this quilt. I hope it bring her and her husband joy and the feeling of hope. Many of the blocks were from some internet block exchanges. I will get a better photo soon. 

It is raining here again. It looks like a weekend of cleaning out the tack room. What a messy job but I have been putting it off for months. 

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