Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Finish Slab Quilt #1

The weather is very muddy so I have indoor photos today. I do not want to get my newest quilt dirty before I give it away. The Canadian Quilter's Association is doing a Quilting Bee. To find out more check out Canada's Big Quilt Bee. They hope to give 1000 quilts to Ronald McDonald Houses in Canada. I am sure they will make the goal. 

We have been asked to make Slab blocks with at least one Canadian Fabric in each block. I have quilted it with a variegated thread and did a free motion leaf pattern all over. It is one of the patterns that can be done quickly but is so much nicer than just stipple quilting. 

A friend gave me this oak leaf fabric to use for charity quilts and I thought a leaf fabric with shades of orange red was perfect. I have more for the next quilt too. I also like how the fabric went with the Red binding. 

This binding was a first for me, all by machine. I have always done a double binding that is sewn to the quilt on top and then wrapping it around to the back side and hand stitched. This time I did both sided by machine, and I am very happy with it. To get it nice I first sewed the double binding to the back side of the quilt and then wrapped the fold around to the front and I top stitched it to the front side. I stitched slow and took my time, but it is so neat and tidy. I like it.   


  1. I love how this came together! It is so colorful and scrappy! This is definitely going to brighten someones day, or night.

  2. I love scrappy. LOVE your charity quilt, Cathy. Someone is going to happy to receive this one, dear.

  3. Oh lovely finish on this slab quilt...I like that rainbow effect a lot..hugs, Julierose

  4. What a beautiful finished quilt! It will definitely be loved!!

  5. It is a terrific quilt - love the colors and joyfulness about it. I have machine stitched my bindings for a long time now- it just made sense to me especially when making a king sized quilt.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt.
    Regards, Anna

  6. This is a fabulous scrappy Canadian quilt! Great job!