Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hazel The Hedgehog

This week a got out my Fancy Forest pattern and got to work on the hedge hogs. I started this quilt last year at spring retreat. I did not go to spring retreat this year but thought I might try to have a little sew retreat at home last weekend. Well shopping and family kept me from the machine most of the weekend. I did dig out the hogs. 

I also made some little design boards to layout the many pieces of fabric. I can move the partly done block to the sewing machine or to the ironing board and not mix it all up. 

They are perfect. 

Love this red hedge hog!

Flaming red hair. 

So I also got started on the thistle blocks, only 2 but it is a start. I hope this weekend I can get lots of sewing done. The weather is not going to be good, snow, wet wild, yuck, good to stay in and sew, 


  1. I love these blocks! Your fabric choices are beautiful!

  2. Fun little H Hogs ... I love the red one best, too.