Monday, May 15, 2017

Cherry Blocks

I love the little 6 inch cherry blocks. The pattern is from Farm girl Vintage book. I worked on the blocks this past week. 

I was planning on posting to the Design Wall Monday, but it is no more. Kind of sad but she is not quilting much anymore. I find Monday is a good day to show off some quilting I have done on the weekend. 

Now I am getting to the sashing and planning that is needed to finish the little quilt top. I am planning a square table runner. Not sure if I am going to want to use for everyday table, I might get bad stains on it. 

I have loved the Red and Turquoise together. I found fabric with mini cherries on Turquoise. 

I also got a photo of my little tea pot. 

1 comment:

  1. Such cute cherries!!! and the sashing is a great addition. I'm sad too the Judy isn't going to do Design Wall Monday... many a time it has motivated me to get something done.