Saturday, September 1, 2018

Orange Scraps

Here are the Squared Away sampler blocks for the Month of August and the scrap colour Orange. I like how they turned out. Each one looks a little different. On top is the 7 1/2" blocks and the bottom row is the 10" blocks. 

Next up are the migrating geese blocks. They look kind of off tilled. I do a odd angle when I took the photo and then tried to fix it with editing. Just looks bad. Trust me they look good in person. 

See already better looking. 

I have added this post to Soscrappy and her link up party. 
The next colour up is Dark Blue, so I just this weekend I will start a chopping and sorting out my Blues. 

I now have 16 blocks for a hug quilt. It is a group project and I need to get them in the mail this week. I hope it will tell someone that we care. 

Last week we got back from our mountain holiday. My husband took this photo of me. We have climbed on of the higher mountains in the area. You can see we are just above the tree line. There was some light smoke from fires in the area so the other mountains are not real clear. This was about 500 meter above were our camp was. So yes we climbed 500 meters that day. I do not like heights and this was not pleasant for me. I can say I did it but I do not want to do it again. Our dear horses worked so hard. Thank you Jester! 


  1. Your orange migrating geese blocks looks wonderful! Love your fabrics. Cute hug quilt too ;)

  2. Looks like a great vacation. Glad you found some sewing time too.