Monday, August 27, 2018

Crazy Scraps

Ok, this is small and a bit crazy. 
It measures 16" tall and just under 19" wide. 
I had been working on log cabin blocks and needed real small scraps. So, I saved bits less then 1" squares in a tin, nicknamed the Little Tin of Horrors. I got the log cabin blocks done and thought I might light the tin of scraps on fire. But then I though maybe I could sew some together.
 Oh yes very crazy. Well, I kept sewing. 
Now I have a piece of fabric. Not sure what I will finish it into. Maybe a bag. 
So no more Little Tin of Horrors. 
And no more saving tiny bits there has to be a limit.
 I will keep 2" squares or any log over 1 1/2". 

Here is some of the log cabin blocks.
 Very small bits used to make the blocks. 


  1. So pretty, Cathy. I think your made fabric would be a pretty center for a quilt with other blocks around... like flying geese or windmills. Could be a baby quilt. Love your blog. There are always great colored quilts.

    1. Thanks, What ever I do with it, I know it is not done yet. A center for a scrap quilt might be great. I have lots of scrappy blocks that could be added around it.

  2. I keep on looking at that Tin of Horrors piece --and I thought I saved small scraps--Whoa, Betsy!! It is amazing...did you trim to make pieces fit or have to use "Y" seaming? This would make a great Crazy Quilt
    Base I think...hugs for your patient work Julierose

  3. I did not use any Y seams. I did not have to trim much. I think I just had bad seam allowances some bigger then 1/4". It is a heavy bit of fabric. I am going to try not to save those tiny bits any more.

  4. Beautiful work, Cathy! I understand completely about those fabric 'crumbs' though. I made four art pieces (each 12" square) using crumb fabric a few months ago, and there seems to be no difference in the level of my 'crumb' basket. I swear that strips and crumbs breed in the night! ;-)

    1. Crumbs do seem to breed over night. I did use the whole tin of bits so that tin of scraps can not breed anymore. I am sure more will some were in my sewing room. thanks for stopping by.

  5. I love those crazy scraps! a place-mat possibly? I could get down with a set of those on my table!