Sunday, May 23, 2010

Leduc Guild Block in a Pizza Box Exchange

Last year the Leduc Guild stated a block exchange in a Pizza Box. We were to do our first block and some fabric we would like used in our blocks. I did this block as my first one. I also asked that they use the black and purple dot fabric in the background. I sent one meter of black and a fat quarter of purple and some pink and lime greens. I also had about a doz of these hexagon flowers left from another finished project and included then in my box. I used a little note book to tell the ladies what I would like. They could then add their comments as they worked on my block. All blocks were to be 12 half inches.
I used an old pizza box that had some writing on the top and I wanted it to look good. I painted it with Gesso and the pen writing bleed though I painted it again. Then I used a ranger crackle paint in a green. I wanted to try the ranger masks I had just bought so I inked over the crackle paint and masks. I finished with a sealer and a ribbon to open it. I know I spent more time on my box than the block inside.
While the year has gone by and all the boxes are back to their owners. Here is my 8 blocks. I also have a striped fabric I bought thinking I might be able to use it with my blocks. I know I will need more blocks for a quilt but I am not sure what I will do.

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