Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quilt Canada Booth 2010

My good friend Sharon took some photos of me and my friend Margie Davidson at our sales booth in Calgary. We had the best booth with lots of colour packed in a little space. Back in Aug last year Margie asked me if we should share a booth to sell our dyed and painted fabric. Well we did it. We had an incredible amount of fabric packed in to our 10 foot booth. We always had a people in our booth.
Here is both Margie and I. Margie is wearing one of her scarfs that she has dyed and block printed. Behind Margie and I is some of her fabric.

I am not sure if I will travel to another Quilt Canada to sell fabric. This time it was close to home (3hr) next time it is far far away and I would have to fly. Not sure it would be worth it to travel that far. You may see me at more local Quilt shows.

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