Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Snow Dyeing Fabric again

On May 4th yesterday we got a good spring snow storm. Here is a photo off the back deck at about 9 am. It kept snowing here for another couple hours. The nearest weather station - the Edmonton International Airport reported a record snow fall 17mm. We need the moisture so badly I will not get to upset. Now the wind is not blowing I can also go dye some fabric in the snow again.
Here are my tools for snow dying.
I have pleated this fabric and then loosely rolled the pleated fabric.

I then place snow on top of the fabric and add the dye on top of the snow.
The top peice is mostly navy and some royal blue.
Here is some of the piles of dyed snow with fabric under. I hope this works today. The other days I did this the temperature was warmer( 8 to 14C) today's high is only 2C. The dye is taking longer to work down to the fabric. I have 14 meters in the snow today. One piece is a extra large piece with the plan that I will use it for a backing.


  1. What if they aren't soaked thru by night time? Are you going to cover them so they don't blow away if a wind comes up?

  2. I checked on them in two hours and most of the snow was melted. It was warm enough to work. I started to wash out just before supper. They will not blow away here, that only happens in Saskatchewan. Ha Ha. More likely the dog would drag them away.