Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fish Pond Quilt

I took a class with Gloria Loughman back in the spring of 2007 (I think, counting back). It was a one day class working on a crazy quilt style quilt. She was teaching a few other classes that week but I could not do the days she was teaching the design classes. I thought I would be great to still be in her class and get to see her quilts up close.

We started the class by doing the machine applique of a few blocks and maybe one row of fabric around. We also cut out some special prints we were to bring. If you can see I wanted to do a fish pond theme. I got some great fish fabric and worked on the birds and one fish. I also built a fish pond this same spring (with my husband's help).

This project has been in a box all this time. I have taken it to many retreats but not worked on it since class. I dug it out this week. I started by placing the blocks on the wall. I had to iron most everything that came out of the box. I also got digging around in some other fabric, as I was sure I had some green strip sets that I did not use on another quilt.

I found this. I forgot about this green fabric. It is from poverty piecing I did with a friend Lou, in a class. I do not think I will use this but keep it out in case, the wrong greens.

Here it is the sets I was looking for.

And this set too.

Once I started to work on a block or two again, I could see I wanted more Blue. So I made a Blue strip set.

Here is my machine working on a blue set. I get late day sun at my machine in the winter. It is so nice to have sun shine coming in.

Here is all the blocks at the end of a few days work again. I think I will work hard on this quilt for a while now. I want to make a set of quilts for the living room. I may have many posts on this quilt because it will change as I get more done. I will do more blocks and add to the blocks and then the rows. I can show you how this quilt processes because it was started in a class and I will not enter it in a major show.

I am also getting the binding done on a quilt I plan to enter in a major show. I have to get photos done too. I dislike that part.

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