Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Dyed Baby Quilt

It is snowing again. We had a foot of snow last weekend. Now we are getting more. We are running out of room to plow all this snow. The fields are to deep to walk in. I think it may blow later in the week and we will have to plow again.

Here is a close up of a baby quilt my mom Betty pieced and I quilted. Most of the fabric is snow dyed by me. The Dark blue and the boarder are batiks. The blue was snow dyed and then over dyed again. The pinks and peachy are just out of the snow bank and washed. I have machine quilted it with leaves and butterflies. It is a gift for a little girl, a friend of the family.

My internet is down and been that way for a week. I am at mom's to down load emails and make this post. I had hoped to make a post about my every day journal every Thur. I have a page done and other drawing done. I will have to make a post another day.

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