Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wool Flower Wreath

I made this flower wreath using wool fabric. I have given it to my mom, Betty. I am pleased that it is so spring feeling. Any one missing that season yet? The wreath was started in a class with Lynn Roth at the Rug Hooker's Guild. I hand dyed most of the wool myself and I bought a few pieces of dyed wool from Lynn. Lynn dyes beautiful wool. The rose with the dark center is one of Lynn's fabrics. Mom has found a candle to place in the center.

In class we learned the tea roses, an Alberta wild rose, sunflower, peony, lilacs, and the two kinds of leaves. There were a few other flowers too. The class was based on a book about 3D flowers but I would have to find my notes on the class.

This one has a good start to it, but is upside down. It needs some leaves hooked next to the lilacs and more mini blossoms for the second lilac. I also have to trim the peony leaves, some are round now but need cutting down to look pointy. You can see it is built on the linen that we hook on. I am planning to keep this one for myself. The purple lilac fabric is also Lynn's dyed wool. I had to buy it, it was calling to me.

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