Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Betty's African Quilt

This quilt was done by my Mom Betty. It is the quilt she started in the Gloria Laughman's class I took - my Fish Pond Quilt. My mom's quilt got done within two years of taking the class. Not the four years it has taken me (and my quilt is not done yet). She has given the quilt away.

Betty has used the special African Batiks she had and not done the machine applique that many other in the class did.

Here are the blocks on the floor at the class we took. The blocks on the left are the other students work (sorry I do not remember names). The orange and blue fish blocks on the right are mine. I took many other photos that day but I am not sure I should show them as I did not indent to upload them when I asked for photos. Please remember to ask to take photos and ask to post them. Please give credit for others work.

Tuesday Quilting Bee


  1. Hi Cathy, I came over from 2 peas. What a fun project. I really like you moms quilt to.

  2. Your mom should be very proud! that quilt came out awesome! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I don't know how your mom parted with such a beautiful quilt.
    It is just outstanding.

  4. My mom makes many beautiful quilts and friends that got the quilt are very good long time friends. They once lived in Kenya and have a daughter living there now. Thank you all I love comments.