Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fish Pond Quilt Rows Together

This is a big deal to get these rows sew together. I must have spend hours measuring and adding or cutting little bits together to make the three rows the same size. My little paper tags are now gone from these rows. They will fit together now.

I need to work on the sashing. I do not have enough strip sets to go between the rows and on the boarders. I want more Blue sets, so I made another set. Here is I am cutting it at a 45 degree angle.

I had to work on the bottom row. I am thinking I will not add a top row now. The quilt is big enough and I would have to make more blocks again. I had to do more measuring so this row will fit on the bottom. This part is driving me crazy.

I have started to interview the sashing. I am not that happy with the dullness of the sashing in this photo. I am going to try to brighten this up by inserting more colour. Bright green, orange, and the turquoise blue.

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