Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sue Patten Class

I took a class with long arm quilter Sue Patten yesterday here in Edmonton. I am on the left and Sue is on the right. She has been teaching many classes this week at Matt and Bradie Sparrow's (The Man Quilter and his Pretty Wife) long arm studio. I had a great time drawing and stitching the free motion patterns. Sue's books are great. After taking a class and I have a better understanding of the books and how the system works. I would recommend classes from her if you want to learn to free motion quilting or add to your knowledge. I have done mostly free motion quilting on my long arm for 12 years and I still learned some things that I will use many times over.  Everything she taught can be done for any type of free motion quilting (home or long arm).

Here is some drawing we did in class. Sue did most of the blocks and I did the bottom left corner. I did many more in my sketch book and we had great handouts.

Here is my sample of quilting. I am sure at home on my machine I will be better off. I will be doing more of this at home on my machine. We (I shared a machine with two others) had some trouble with the thread but it was a sample and we just keep on going. When it was not our turn to stitch we did the patterns on paper.

One of the best things about Sue is she is very sharing and encourages us to share. She's happy to let me post about the class I took.

Off to do more quilting. I want to do more sampling. Fully recharged for more quilting.

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  1. It's always great to have someone who gets us excited all over again. I've seen videos of Sue and she does fabulous work, very inspiring. Have fun playing.