Wednesday, March 9, 2011

White and Rianbow Quilt

I got this little White quilt done in four days. I am a mad women quilting these days. I am surprised that I can be so driven to get some of my own quilting done.  The size is 36" by 48".
I used white thread and quilted my free feathers with added spirals. I also did some of the background areas with a feather like filler. I love doing feathers. I find them to be very relaxing to do. I only wish more customers would have me quilt more feathers like these.
So Day 1 I picked my fabric ironed it. These are my hand dyed fabric, mostly Kona Cotton. I used the six colours of the rainbow both a light and a medium shade.
Day 2 I cut and made the blocks and sewed the top together. I did most of this with some chain piecing and then iron and  trim.
Day 3 I quilted it. and Day 4 I did the binding. Wow I am on a roll. I am not sure what to call this little gem. Got some ideas?

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