Monday, July 25, 2011

Bad to the Bone Part 2

Here is my Bad to the Bone quilt. Bad because I have so many more I needed to finish before I started another one. I got all the Dark strip set together and all the cutting done since I last posted about it. I have to use my smaller design wall and I just barely get the whole quilt up on the wall.The other design wall has my spider web quilt on it. Now to start sewing the large triangles together. I am marking the seam allowance at the points with a pencil so that I get my points as I sew this together. It is going to take some time. Maybe we could get some of this really hot weather and I would retreat to the basement sewing studio. We just get rain and bugs.

I am going to add my post to Judy s Design Wall Monday. Check out Judy blog  Here. This Gives you July 25 post of the other Design walls.


  1. wow, that's wicked intricate. I think I might have to stop quilting, cos you're outstripping me like WHOA! I've never done that much with a quilt before, I just don't have the patience it seems.

  2. Love this pattern! You've done a great job! Beautiful work :-)