Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Black and White Chunky Yarn

 Last month I showed you the kid mohair fleece I had washed (some on the right). Well I started to use some of it in a yarn. I used my drop spindle to make singles.  One with black coredale and the other single in white merino with locks of kid mohair added in.

I washed my new yarn to "finish it". It now hangs nice without any extra twist.  I have made two balls of yarn each about 60 grams. Not sure what I will make. I was thinking a pair mittens but I may need more yarn. I will need more black fleece - oh dear a trip to the store.

Later note I got more fibre now to spin again.

Here is the two singles just starting to come together. I used clay pots to hold the balls of singles in place while I twisted them together.

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