Monday, July 11, 2011

Bad to the Bone

 I am Bad to the Bone. I kind of promised myself I would not start a new quilt till I quilted some of my quilt tops. Guess What? I started a new project this weekend. Bad Bad to the Bone. Last week before camping, I bought new fabric and thought I will just set it aside. Nope. I made my piles of light and dark. I went shopping again on Saturday and got some more. Well I just could not stop.

Please let me know if you have done this. Started more new quilts when you planned to finish all those others first. Are You just as Bad to the Bone?

 Well I got all the light strip pieced together and ironed. I still need to trim the others.

 Then I got the dark fabric all cut too. Here are the strip for the dark strip sets.

I have the boarders all planned. I got 2 meters of this great blue fabric. I had the Red and the stripe in my stash. I plan to use the stripe for my binding. Wow

How many quilt tops do you have? I have three I want to quilt ASAP (backing together too) then I can think of two large quilts that should have been quilted years ago. And two more that just need a boarder added and backing. 7 quilt tops is my count. What is yours?


  1. I finish every quilt in succession because I've made it to use it, not to have it sit around. But right now I can't manage to make myself get up and cut the fabric. It's the most boring part and I've no motivation, except for the fact that it has to be done by Friday morning!

  2. What fabulous fabrics Cathy- I love all the wonderfully rich colors- it will be another one of your stunning quilts.
    I do have a few quilts on the go- I think that there are about 4 waiting to be quilted and another 5 in various stages of piecing. I am trying to focus on making a quilt as a wedding gift right now and then perhaps I will play again. Most often my quilts are made for a particular person so it is hard for me to get time to just play. Perhaps one day I shall get through my people list..
    Happy quilting Cathy,

  3. Only 7???? I haven't counted lately. I have 2 large tops I really want to finish and 3 or 4 (probably more) ready to be quilted and I am dying to start a new project............I have a few great ideas and have only resisted because I've been too busy working and camping. I may not be able to resist for long.