Sunday, November 10, 2013

Design Class

I have been away at Class all this past week. It was in a design class by Anna Hergert. I love Anna`s work and have wanted to take a class from her for a while. My mom, Betty was able to take a five day design class from her a few years ago. 

Above, is one of the silly moments of our class. I got wearing my moustache for Mo-vember and the bottom of my box as a hat. I would be so mad if someone else posted this bad photo of me, but I need to laugh at myself a little. 

I have ended the five day class with a plan to finish a hexagon box. I still have tons of work to do on this box. There is a ton of hand sewing to get the sides of the box together. I hope to get more stitched tonight in front of the TV. 

Here is the box top. It still needs lots of work, but you get the idea. The black is ultra suede and will be fused to the top of the box. Then there is a side part to the box top. It was this piece that looked like a moustache. 
The box is to be like my Secret Garden and the rod iron gate to keep it in. 

I was inspired by a garden book I had, Garden Mania.  I found these illustrations of gates by Jean Le Pautre from around 1660`s who had an Italian teacher. He was French and may have been around to work for the French King Louise the 14th. It was back when Versailles was being build up and the French Royal Court was moved to Versailles. I am sure it was a very good time to be an artist in France. Some of his etchings  have been the gardens of Versailles. 

Here is a Hexagon design I worked on but made some changes too. 

I played with different options for the side of my box. You can see I was inspired by the squares and circles on the side of the gate for my first two ideas. They did not relate enough to the top design. 

This was another design option I worked on. It is based on a square. 

Here are some of Shelia`s hexagons she was stitching. Her designs were all based on the hexagon. 

Here is one with the stitching done. 

This one is Janet`s design. She was ready to do the stitching at the end of class. 

Because my box has to be hand stitched I am adding this post to Kathy`s Quilts and slow stitch Sunday


  1. I want to take a class with Anna as well and one of these days the planets are going to align. I like your box and would love to see a photo of that when its done :-)

  2. I love the picture....we all need to be a bit silly and not take things so seriously all of the time.

  3. Sounds like a really challenging class... but you still seem to have lots of fun!