Friday, November 22, 2013

Winter Knitting

Well we are cold and winter here. I had a little need to knit. I have to be careful and not do to much knitting. My wrist ends up bugging me if I knit to much or knit with too much grip. My grandmother Manuel taught  me to knit. I still have that very first bit of knitting. It was a blanket for my Barbie and I gave it to my son for his GI Joe. It is the perfect army green for GI Joe. 
Well here is a new scarf I just got done in time for Finish It Up Friday. I used two yarns, one a warm fuzzy  Variegated one and the other is a eyelash yarn. Warm and Pretty.  I am planning to make a couple for Christmas this year. I have started the next one in pink and white. 


  1. That looks very cuddly and soft, one of the things I have not mastered is knitting :)

  2. Oh, Cathy, I hope you will show the pink and white scarf, too. Love this one.