Sunday, February 7, 2016

Dog Collars and Leashes

So I am a little crazy and have started working on something new. Leather works. I have always thought it would be fun to make and sew leather, but the sewing leather part needs a new sewing machine. A very big investment. So I have been looking into smaller projects. I have a black leash that has no sewing but some kind of twisted knots. I wanted to make one or two!

I have been playing with my leather bits and parts. Staining and punching holes in my leather. 

This collar is for Gemma. I have her name stamped on it and my # in case she got lost. It is a little heavy so I am not sure I will make her wear it every day. Maybe for a special show. I took 5 photos of Gemma wearing it but they are crappy. One photos did not even show the collar at all. 

This pretty set, collar and leash, I have given away. It is being used as for a fund raising for one of my agility teachers, a member of the Canadian AAC agility team going to IFCS later this year. I think I will be making a second set for myself. 

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  1. How good to be able to make a collar and leash for own dog! Great idea and you're brave tackling leather work.