Saturday, February 6, 2016

More Hexagons

5 more blocks done. I have so many more cut out and started. I spent large part of the day preparing more blocks. I hope to get a few stitched tonight. 

#3 Sarah, this is the second of these blocks I have done and I am sure I will do a few more, already have 3rd one prepared.

Block #8 again. I love pink and blue together. 

# 13 Judy block. I used the plink fabric for the petals and then a hand dyed fabric for the center and the little diamonds. I love how most of my hand dyed fabrics got with KFC. 

# 13 Judy block, I used this little rose with almost all the same repeat. Look close not quiet the same but almost. 

#13 Judy again, the same print, this rose was beside the light pink one. 

Off to stitch a few more from my box.