Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Bowl

I got my first fabric bowl done. I had been resisting doing a fabric bowl. I had been giving one so I did not think I needed more. Well early this month I was asked to join some Agility Dog friends on a Saturday sewing day. They were going to make bowls.  We did lots of talking about our dogs. 

I had to finish mine at home a little later but I am so pleased with how it has turned out. I love the colours. 

I have added today's post to Crazy Mom Quilts and Finish Up Friday

Here we are at Kathy's all showing off the fabrics we are going to use. Note the yellow Dog Daisy May in the bottom corner. Yes dog hair on fabric goes well together. We also had a great lunch with home made bread and soup. 

The start of mine. I realized I should have been sewing the other direction with the circle on the outside. I had to change that. 

My Fabric strips and the cord with fabric wrapped on it. Note the black and red bowl. That is the one I was given a few years ago. I made mine new one kind of the same but a bit bigger. 

One of the bowls coming along nicely. 

And another one with a great start to it too. She has sparkly fabric. We all wanted some of it. 

Happy Easter weekend. 
Gemma and I get to play at agility on Saturday, we have a trial all day. 


  1. What a great project to learn while visiting with friends. And what beautiful bowls!!

  2. Beautiful bowl - I've seen them before and now seeing yours I have got to make one!

  3. A very pretty bowl, Cathy. :-) Sometimes it's easier to make something new and different when with a group of friends, eh? Happy Easter!

  4. I love your bowl! And the top edging is very cool!