Thursday, March 24, 2016

Marbling Fabric Day

My Surface Design group try to meet once a month and have a play day with our fibers. For March we did a day of Marbling or Gel printing with paints. I did marbling, here is my table space already to start. On the left is my hand dyed fabric cut to fit in my pan. I remembered I had my camera with me and used it. 

Dianne was getting started with a gel plate and some paper. She wanted a better stock of papers to make more cards. 

My first few fabrics with the marbling paint. 

Yvonne and Dawna did both gel printing and marbling. 

Look at what Yvonne did to her marbling paint. Wow love it. I missed getting a photo of the paint on the fabric. 

My fabrics all laid out with the marbling done. It is all very wet so it looks pretty dark. 

A golden yellow with marbled paint. 

Some of yvonne's fabrics drying before she packed them home. 

Dawna did some papers and the bottom one is Dianne's.

Yvonne and her magic again. 

I still have to heat set my fabric and wash and dry them. Then maybe I can iron them and get a good photo of each fabric. I will have a little bit more pretty fabric to used again. 

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  1. oH WHAT FUN--i'VE ONLY EVER DYED YARNS...lovely finishes...hugs, Julierose