Thursday, March 17, 2016

KFC New Hexagons

Most of the sewing I have done for myself since the Christmas holidays has been hand piecing this little Hexagon gems. 

I used Hand Fans to make block 11 Susan. I think this Susan block is one of my favorite blocks to do. It works great for the 6 repeat fabric I have used. Expect a few more of these, I have many cut already. 

All green #27 Victoria, I really like this block and love how it looks so 3D. 

Green for your St Patrick's Day.  

I used the orange Pansies for this block.   

Caroline Block #5 I cut out the 3 flowers and then I just had to use green like it was leaves. 

Purple #27 Victoria, the medium purples are 2 of my favorite fabrics. 

Here is my working box. I am using a cute tin chocolate box that One of my kids got for Christmas. It is just perfect. I can fit a weeks worth of sewing in here. 

This poor flower had a ouch! I got it with my big scissors as I was fussy cutting out some fabric. I have the ouch fixed but the block is still not done. It needs the little outside diamonds.  


  1. Gosh--just gorgeous hexagons and diamonds--great fussy cuts..hugs, Julierose

  2. Love your much color and movement but I gotta tell you quilting and piecing is not the first thing I think of when I see KFC!

  3. Wow! A rainbow of wonderful hexies...and some of the 3-D effects are truly amazing. Great project! I admit I've never pieced hexies...just made them I'm a bit awe-struck with yours.

  4. Beautiful blocks... and I love your tin!