Thursday, June 29, 2017

What next?


I am working on my UFO list. I have gotten lots done this year. But I think I might have to really work harder. The Leduc quilt show is coming up. The Black Gold Quilt Patch Quilt show really. I have a goal to have 10 quilted things in the show. Only 2 are done so far. The Quilt show is not judged but I want my best at the show as well as a few quick quilts too. 

KFC Follow Me, so far is just a quilt top. So much work left to do.

I made a list of what I might get done. I have added in a few and taken a few out over the last few months. 

What can I get done in time of Leduc show?
1.       Hawaii quilt – quilt
2.       Misty day – binding label sleeve
3.       Tree skirt – quilt
4.       Bad to the bone - quilt
5.       Slab quilt for me - quilt
6.       KFC follow me - quilt
7.       Cherry table topper – boarder + quilt
8.       Forest Friends – moths + build top + quilt
9.       Eye quilt – all plan a baby quilt
10.   Large Rainbow quilt – build top + quilt
11.   Slab quilt for charity – top building + quilt

I have this slab quilt top done but still needs to be quilted. I also have one more to finish for charity too. Did you see many quilts need the quilting done? So much quilting. 

Well off to the sweat shop! 


  1. Lovely colourful quilts:) you've certainly given me some inspiration! I love working on ufo's but I just can't stop myself from starting new projects too!

  2. You've got your work cut out for you, that's for sure. But such beautiful, colorful work it is! It would be such a pleasure to see all those gorgeous colors under the needle during the quilting :)