Saturday, July 22, 2017

Blue Mini Nine Patches

I got a new crop of mini nine patches done, BLUE. I need half the blocks to be a colour around and half need to be white on the out edge. I want the blues used in this quilt to be a little bit on the light or turquoise side and not too dark. These blocks finish to 3 1/2", so yes they are small. 

Here is 59 blocks done. I think this is now half all of the blocks done. I think I had about 60 done before I did blue. 

More little mini nine center parts. 

I picked Saskatoons today and added Rhubarb to make a fruit pudding.  We are about to dig in and eat some. 


  1. Your mini nines are adorable. I love the colours you chose. Your berry pudding looks delicious.

  2. Oh, those adorable BLUE mini 9-Patch blocks!! (I really MUST get back to my Tiny Nines... someday soon.)

  3. So love Saskatoons- my sister has some rows of them on the property where she lives so she has been picking them like crazy.. My gran had them on her farm and I think of her every time I hear about Saskatoons.. Bet it was delicious fruit pudding..
    Regards, Anna

  4. Ooh, your mini nines are fabulous!