Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year!

I have been looking back at 2018 and thinking about the new year 2019. 

Good Fortune is a good start to the new year! 

My mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter this year is Good Fortune. I have been working on a slower pace this year and yet I am all caught up with Friday's last clue 6. I think I just have to iron and count clue 3 the little green triangles. I should have enough. You can see I have pink added in, it is my replacement to the Orange.

Clue 6 the neutral strings, done and counted. 

I have linked up to Bonnie's Link up Monday

Yesterday, I was at a friends house doing a painting class. Paint your pet! So much fun. The black purple puppy I did back in May, my Gemma. Yesterday, I painted Lex, the Brown Chesapeake Bay. He is no longer with us but in memory. 
I think it turned out Great. I think I showed of his personality perfectly. 
My husband wants to hang up this one for sure. 

Lex playing at Dock Diving. 

Looking back at mine and Gemma's Agility year, I could not be happier with our team. We had a great year even with missing out the first few months to heal a toe. We took out all our title ribbons but 2 more are missing. We got some big titles this year. Hoping our 2019 can be just as much fun. 


  1. I want to paint Bentley... <3 love yours so much.. Happy new Year

  2. Your painting is lovely! Like your pink also.

  3. I love your doggo paintings!! And what a good Agility pupper! So much fun for both the human and the dog! <3