Tuesday, December 11, 2018

On Ringo Lake

Last year the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt was On Ringo Lake. I did not work on it much in early 2018. As a waited for the next mystery, I have dug out the old mysteries and took a look at what I needed to do to finish. Well Ringo Lake has a ways to go. So I have worked on it the past couple of weeks. 

I got the Chevron units together and I finished the blocks. I did as I used the current mystery clues as Leaders and enders. I now have all blocks done. There was only 12 blocks done so this took some time. Now I can put on the chevron units and start to think about putting the blocks in to rows. 

Close up of a block. 

Good Fortune is under way! 
If you want to do this years mystery, Check out Bonnie Hunter's Mystery site. Last Friday she released Clue 3 so easy to get started and not be too far behind. 

I have all of clue 1 done the Red four patches. I have a few more to trim up on clue 2 the Blue Triangles. Then I a just starting clue 3 the green chevrons and little triangles. I do have all my fabric cut out for clue 3 and have done the test sewing. I am getting them the correct size so now I can be full steam ahead. 

I just love to use these white flannel pallets to use as I sew. I can see the fabrics laid out in the counted piles. I use the pallets to take my units to the ironing board or the design wall. 

Once I have the units done and counted out I use one of these 13" square boxes. I can see what is in the box. I can take the project with me if I am sewing somewhere else, like mom's house. I use these blocks for most of my quilting blocks. 

Bonnie is also doing a link up for this clue #3. 

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  1. Like your colors for Good Fortune. I didn't start On Ringo Lake last year and I keep raiding the fabrics pulled for it.