Saturday, November 24, 2018

Another Mystery Quilt

On Friday the first clue for Bonnie Hunter's New mystery quilt Good Forture came out. All over, many of us quilter's that follow Bonnie, got started. This week I have been featuring many of my old mystery quilts. I am not very good at finishing them. But I love to get started.  I feel I need to start with the rest of you. Why resist ? 

Today I show you En Provence, the mystery quilt from 2016. This quilt is not blocks yet. I worked hard to keep up until I had to put the blocks together. I have disliked the yellow. So all the units sit in a box. 

Here it is with a pink. Still not right. I might have to go back to the yellow. Not sure. I also had some trouble with a bunch of units. I did not read correctly. The units with Green had o be done over a few times. 

Today I got to do some cutting and sewing for Good Forture. Wow love all the little Red four patches. I almost did it wrong again. I started with some red scraps that I thought was the correct size. Opps. I had to put them back, they were too big. At the last minute I checked Bonnie's page and did the cutting correctly. So I started a page with short hand of sizes colours and the number of units. I need to stay on track. 

I am just getting started. Here is a look at the first little bunch of four patches. So many little bits and I love it. 

Not loving the yellow stained ironing board. Might have to fix that someday. 

Not one red was bought for this quilt. It is all stash. 


  1. Your En Provence is beautiful! I have not done one of Bonnie's Mystery quilts but maybe this year..Hmmm. i would do it from the Stash too Happy quilting Cathy��

  2. Yes come do it. You should be able to do it from you stash. I bought very little to do it.

  3. Lovely units! And your En Provence is beautiful!

  4. You're really racing right along with your four-patches!
    I liked my En Provence better when I dulled the yellows down to golds. (Not that I've finished it or anything - it's currently a top living in the to-be-quilted(someday) box.)
    I've done my Bonnie Mysteries mostly out of stash, though I did have to add some corals last year since it's not a color I typically buy. Not a problem with this year's colors - she picked all my favorites!

  5. Oh how fun! Exactly right... why resist?

  6. It's great to do it from stash. Get stuck into En Provence. It will look lovely. Just take your time and enjoy joining in. The quilt will get done one day.

  7. En Provence is beautiful in both your colour options, I think.
    Your 4-patches are looking good too!

  8. The red four patches look great. I must say that I really like the yellow in your En Provence. I think that was my favorite Mystery quilt of hers yet. Looking forward to seeing this year's finish.