Thursday, November 22, 2018

Easy Street

Easy Street is the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt from the fall of 2012. I am continuing to show you my past Mystery quilts. 
I got this quilt done in 2016. I started out with all Bonnie's colours but then my Grey 4 patches were yuck. I had used a light to Medium grey and it just blended with my white prints. I took them out. I think I had 5 or 6 blocks done with the grey. 
I added the pink instead. 
WOW what a great change. 

Love this quilt. So glad I made the change. 

I ended up using the grey 4 patches in another quilt. See how good they look here. Love how the 4 patches worked well here. I made this quilt with all kinds of left over patches form quilts.

With just one day till the clue is out, I have picked out my fabric. I am taking out the orange and putting in Pink. I love the Blue Green and Red together. 

You can see I have a few fabrics with cute stuff. Pink fish, Blue bones, Green with more dog stuff and the bunnies on Red. I think I will be happy with this little change. Not sure I wanted that much orange in a quilt. 

So one more day till Bonnie release clue #1 of the  Good Fortune.

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