Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Guild Blocks

Four little blocks for the Leduc Guild Shoe box Exchange. I got these done last week just before our monthly meeting. I almost forgot to get them done. Good thing they were pretty simple blocks to do. I think they took my 1 hour. The Shaggy black KFC fabric was to be used and they we were to add one print to the blocks. We started by cutting a 10" square of the 2 fabrics. It then gave us 2 blocks. I used my KFC Fabrics. I got them handed in and took another shoe box to work on. 

Also the Leduc guild has been working on these blocks for a raffle quilt. They are taking sometime to do. There is still another step to do. It is a mitered log cabin that you do not do the normal log cabin building. Two red strip sets will be sewn together to make 2 triangles. There was a shortage of red blocks done so I brought home some red, added to the red strings and got 6 done. 

One green block done and was used as a demo block at the guild meeting. I did not make this block, not sure who did. But it gives you the idea of what we are doing. 

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