Thursday, January 3, 2019

Orca Bay Top Done

I have been working on Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts for years. Yesterday I got all caught up on the  last step of Good Forture

So what was I to do?

I got out Orca Bay today and got the top done. 
First Finish of the year. Now to put it in the list for machine quilting. 

Here is a little more of the detail. The corner is pinned and pulling a bit. 

I also did a little bit of Cleaning. I sorted out all my zippers. Oopps I have a few zippers. I would like to get them hung up some where. Thinking of what I can do to hang them. 


  1. My zippers are all jumbled in a drawer! Maybe find a ring they could hang ftom?

  2. Good for you! It looks great! I managed to get my Orca top done in reasonable time...but in the years since it's been harder to keep up. I have only printed "Good Fortune" -- and auditioned fabric. I have, however, just (Wednesday) finished "On Ringo Lake" -- the top, that is! I made it full-sized and will have it long-armed by Sylvia, who lives up the highway. Here's to more mysteries -- and a happy new year to you and yours, Cathy!

  3. You do have a lot of zippers! Lovely finish on Orca Bay. So fitting that you are finishing off an Old Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt just as the new one is revealed.