Friday, January 25, 2019

Socks Finished

Every winter I slowly work on hand knitted wool socks. I got this pair done recently. I can now wear them but it is to be warm for a few days. Maybe Monday as it is to get cooler again. 

Here they are on my feet. 

When I looked at this pair, they had just one toe to finish up and tuck away the ends. I think I started them back in 2016. So I guess last year I did not really finish any socks. 

The yarn pattern was not a real match up. But they were the same lot number. 

I have more socks started again. Also I have some I need to repair. I always put holes in the ball of the toes. Sometimes I can redo the toe but then the heals go in just a few more wears. Some very old ones I am using new wool and knitting new feet. the angle does not wear out. 

I have added this to Confessions of a fabric addict.

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  1. I am impressed.. I do not know how to knit.. these are very cool..