Friday, February 8, 2019

Shoe Box Block Exchange

I got this block done for the Leduc Guild's Shoe Box Exchange. We pass around the shoe boxes at each meeting. Last month I had this box with the purple fabric and the pattern. I added the 2 floral fabrics and made this block. 

There were 3 blocks in the box already. Here are the 4 together. I kind of liked doing this block. I have saved a copy of the pattern and might make more blocks. At the end of the whole shoe box exchange we will draw a winner of the blocks. 


  1. looks like a very fun project, and yeah to be the winner of that box of lovelies!

  2. A very striking block! It's great in a quadrant...but might be too much as a bed quilt sized piece.'s wonderful for the eyes and the brain to contemplate!